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Whether you’re in the mood for upscale dining, casual family eateries, or cooking in your Hotel Beacon kitchenette with food from local grocers, the Upper West Side has it all. Refer to our dining guide to narrow down the best local fare.

Group of people share take out tacos at a table

Best Late-Night Food Spots in New York City

January 22 2024 | Dining

There is nothing better than a late-night snack – especially if you’ve been making the most of New York’s nightlife. From pizza to tacos, New York’s late-night food scene is one of the best in the world. The Big Apple...

Couple look into each others eyes in front of New York Skyline

How to Spend a Romantic Weekend in New York on a Budget

December 25 2023 | Dining

A romantic break in New York City doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly weekend with your partner in the city, there is plenty to enjoy without spending a cent. Whether it’s a romantic stroll...

Family eat food together at a restaurant

The Best Family-Friendly Restaurants on The Upper West Side

August 28 2023 | Dining

The Hotel Beacon is nestled in the heart of the Upper West Side – one of New York’s most family-friendly neighborhoods, making it the perfect place to enjoy a meal with your loved ones in the city. Whether you’ve got...

Central park in fall

The Ultimate Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your September Trip to New York

August 07 2023 | Dining

For many, September is one of the best times to visit New York City. The kids are back at school, the summer heat has cooled, the international crowds have dispersed, and the city is just starting to transform with the...

Group of friends enjoy wine and food in the park

BBQ Season is Here: Where to BBQ or Grill Out and About in the Big Apple

June 05 2023 | Dining

Summers and grilling go hand in hand – but how do you grill in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities? One of the most difficult aspects of being in NYC in the summer is the lack of...

Black and white drawing of the Oyster trade in old New York

Where to Find New York’s Best Oysters

May 22 2023 | Dining

When you think of New York, oysters probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind – however, oysters and New York City are better connected than you might think. Once upon a time, New York had over 220,000 acres...

Little Italy sign hung under a stop light in new york, with little italy in the background

Little Italy NYC, an Insider’s Guide

February 20 2023 | Dining

If you venture into Lower Manhattan, it won’t be long before you come across the quaint red and white checkered tablecloths, bustling, no-nonsense coffee shops, and some of the best bakeries in town – welcome to Little Italy. Little Italy...

Fried chicken sandwich on burger bun with chips served on the side, and an orange sauce, coleslaw, jalapenos and pickles in the sandwich

Where to Find NYC’s Best Tasting Sandwich

January 23 2023 | Dining

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? A New York staple, the humble sandwich, is loved by commuters, staff who work through their breaks, hungry tourists, and almost anyone living in and passing through the city. In fact, sandwiches are so...

Image of a guiness style Irish beer, with thick white head embossed with a shamrock

Best Irish Bars in New York City

November 14 2022 | Dining

New York City is home to the largest urban Irish settlement in the world. In the late 19th century, Irish residents began leaving the country to escape the Great Famine. Between 1846 and 1851, it’s thought that over a million...

Seeds, grains and nuts of various sizes, sorted by size, colour and shape into different brown mesh bags.

Plant-Based Restaurants in New York City

October 17 2022 | Dining

Not everyone wants to take the leap into being a full-time vegan or vegetarian, however, some experts have suggested that staying “plant-based” is a positive way to protect the planet going forward. The “plant-based movement” has taken menus all over...

woman smiles as she takes food from food truck in new york at night

New York Street Food: Where to Go and What to Order

September 26 2022 | Dining

Cities and street food go hand in hand, and New York is no different. Food trucks and street vendors are a great way to keep costs down and try the real taste of authentic New York City on your next...

traditional american diner with old school cars parked in front, a large neon sign and a sunset in the background

New York City’s Best “Old-School Diners” and Where to Find Them

August 22 2022 | Dining

Whether you’re visiting from overseas, a few states over, or you’ve been an NYC lifelong resident, there is something quite nostalgic about visiting “Old School Diners” and taking a step back into the New York of the past. New York...

group of friends toast wine glasses with red wine around a picnic on a picnic blanket on some grass

Picnic Locations within Walking Distance of the Hotel Beacon

June 27 2022 | Dining

As the sun comes out, New York City’s streets become small ovens – and being able to escape them is the trick to enjoying your summer in the Big Apple. Despite being one of the world’s busiest and most developed...

smashed guacamole on a slice of toast with half a boiled egg, some cherry tomatoes and arugula on the plate

Self-Catering Menus for Small Kitchens

June 13 2022 | Dining

Thinking about a vacation in New York but not sure how to keep costs down? A self-catering apartment – complete with a mini-kitchen – can be the best and most effective way to save money in NYC. Of course, on...

Group of friends toasting pints of beer in a beer garden.

Alfresco Bars in New York City for Summer 2022

June 06 2022 | Dining

What is better than sipping on a cocktail in the sun and watching the world go by? Whether you’re an NYC resident, you’re here on vacation or you’re filling time between meetings on a work trip, there is nothing more...

two brunch plates on a window table with coffee, water, plants and a view into the street

The Best Places to find Brunch in New York City

May 30 2022 | Dining

There is something special about long, lazy brunches that only vacations allow you to enjoy. If you’re visiting New York, there are plenty of locations to find a big breakfast to indulge yourself with. Whether you’re looking for a casual,...

View of New York skyscrapers from an upper floor viewing gallery.

Once in a Lifetime Dining Experiences in New York City

March 14 2022 | Dining

New York City and food go hand in hand, in fact there are almost 30,000 restaurants to try. From authentic, international street eats to some of the world’s most celebrated restaurants and chefs, and everything in-between in the city.  The...

Pizzeria with neon

The Five Best Pizzerias on the Upper West Side

January 17 2022 | Dining

For many people, pizza is pizza – but for New Yorkers, that will never be the case. New York style pizza is, of course, the best pizza in the world and a must try if you’re visiting the Big Apple. ...

Italian Salami hanging to dry, in old string.

International Eats within Walking Distance of the Hotel Beacon

November 01 2021 | Dining

One of the best things about being in New York City is how international it is. With people from all over the world visiting and living full time in the city, the influences can be found everywhere. With so many...

Clear domes on a New York City street, providing a safe way to eat out during COVID19

Enjoying Cozy Alfresco Dining on the Upper West Side throughout Fall

October 01 2021 | Dining

Fall doesn’t have to mean the end of enjoying the great outdoors – this year especially. With COVID still posing a threat and inside seating limited, outdoor dining has become the new norm – but as the weather takes a...


5 Cozy Diners near New York City's Upper West Side

February 20 2020 | Dining

There's something about sliding into a booth at a neighborhood diner, warming up with coffee and chowing down on comfort food. Here's a look at some of the great diners of New York City's Upper West Side, plus one famous...


Why a Hotel with a Kitchen is Key

February 07 2020 | Dining

A mini-fridge or microwave is usually the only kitchen appliance in a hotel room, but when they're right next to your bed, it can start to feel like a college dorm room. That's why a hotel with a fully-equipped kitchenette...


Best Pre-Show Restaurants Around Beacon Theatre

December 17 2019 | Dining

If you have plans to see a show at the Beacon Theatre, don’t forget about dinner!  Modern Mediterranean food is the main fare at the stylish restaurant, Tessa (349 Amsterdam Ave.). Drawing on inspiration from Italy and southern France, generous...


That’s Amore: The Most Romantic Restaurants in Little Italy

September 09 2019 | Dining

After all these years, Little Italy still has its charm. This area of Lower Manhattan lends itself to an intimate date night, with superb pasta dishes, chianti, and unapologetically sweet desserts. Regardless of where you decide to dine, make sure...


Opt for Outside Seating at one of these Upper West Side Restaurants

May 15 2019 | Dining

If the weather is right, eating outside in New York City is something special. You can take in the afternoon at your own pace and pull up a front-row seat to observing one of the most lively cities in the...


Iconic Foods You Must Try in NYC

November 07 2018 | Dining

New York City is as much its food as it is its people. The city’s iconic foodstuffs are all tied to the culture of somewhere else, with bagel mixes brought from Poland and cannoli recipes from Sicily. We see the...


Best Delis on the Upper West Side

October 03 2018 | Dining

It’s no secret that New York City is known for its delicatessen. Ever since Jewish delis started appearing in the city before the turn of the last century, bagels and sandwiches have become an everyday provision for New Yorkers. Carryout...


Our Favorite Breakfast Nooks on the Upper West Side

August 29 2018 | Dining

Whether you’re traveling solo or with family, breakfast in New York is a treat in and of itself. Looking for a nice breakfast spot during your stay on the Upper West Side? Grab a seat at one of these quaint...

6 Must-taste Pizza Shops on the Upper West Side

6 Must-taste Pizza Shops on the Upper West Side

June 13 2018 | Dining

You love pizza. Who doesn’t? Pizza may have first originated in Italy, but pizza as we know it in the U.S. started right here in New York City. The country’s first pizzeria was founded in Little Italy in 1905 by...

Family-friendly Restaurants

Family-friendly Restaurants on the Upper West Side

June 06 2018 | Dining

The Upper West Side is arguably the best part of New York City to visit with kids. There are plenty of parks, including Central Park and Riverside Park —  so there’s lots of space for the kids to run around...

3 Quick Meals You Can Make in Your Room

3 Quick Meals You Can Make in Your Room

May 14 2018 | Dining

Everybody loves room service, but there’s more than one way to get a great meal into your hotel room. You can make one yourself! Sound like a pain? Well, at least here at Hotel Beacon, it’s not. And there are...


A Foodie Guide to the Best Upper West Side Restaurants

May 09 2018 | Dining

It’s walkable, family-friendly, and a great place to visit, especially if you want to experience the best of New York City. We’re talking, of course, about the Upper West Side. This is the home of Hotel Beacon, so we’re obviously...

5 Ideas For A Picnic In Central Park

5 Ideas For A Picnic In Central Park

April 04 2018 | Dining

For many tourists who want to kick back and absorb the tranquility of nature, having a picnic in Central Park is a popular choice. Considering that Central Park sprawls from 59th St to 110th St, the options for picnic spots...

The Best Eats To Try At Zabar’s

The Best Eats To Try At Zabar’s

March 09 2018 | Dining

A visit to the Upper West Side is never complete without a trip to Zabar’s. This iconic gourmet and specialty food store opened in 1934 when a couple of was seeking to start a business selling high-quality products. More than...