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The Best Eats To Try At Zabar’s blog image

The Best Eats To Try At Zabar’s

March 09 2018

A visit to the Upper West Side is never complete without a trip to Zabar’s. This iconic gourmet and specialty food store opened in 1934 when a couple of was seeking to start a business selling high-quality products. More than 80 years later, the store is still owned by the Zabar family and it’s legacy continues. The store’s fame has all but soared over time thanks to movies and TV shows that have featured Zabar’s as a testament to the family’s commitment to pampering New Yorkers with delectable food.

For those who are new to this store, we have embarked on the task of selecting the foods that you can’t miss when shopping at Zabar’s. Our suggestions include the most popular food, the specialties and the locals’ favorites.

Smoked Salmon

The freshly sliced smoked salmon is a must. Although imported from Norway, the salmon is smoked following Zabar’s specifications. Have a taste and you’ll see why Zabar’s has earned the reputation of selling some of the best smoked salmon in town.


Zabar’s has an exquisite variety of the best cheese from around the world. Head to the cheese counter and consult the experts who can suggest the right cheese for you depending on the country, milk type or texture that you prefer. Kosher cheese is also available.


It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that New York wouldn’t be New York without its bagels. Zabar’s sells sweet and savory varieties that can be paired with anything! Choose between Asiago Cheese, Cinnamon Raisin, Eight Grain, Onion, Plain, Poppy or Sesame. If you can’t make up your mind, get an assorted bagel bag. Kosher bagels are also available.


Zabar’s has been roasting its own coffee for years. Choose between Classic Roast, Medium Roast and Dark Roast. Flavored coffee selections are also available for those wanting to surprise their taste buds with flavors like Hazelnut, Vanilla Nut, Chocolate Hazelnut or Cappuccino and Fudge.

Are you ready for your perfect Zabar’s meal? Every room in the Hotel Beacon has kitchenettes, so feel free to take your purchases back to your room, sit back and enjoy a true New York experience in your home away from home.