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3 Quick Meals You Can Make in Your Room  blog image

3 Quick Meals You Can Make in Your Room

May 14 2018

Everybody loves room service, but there’s more than one way to get a great meal into your hotel room. You can make one yourself! Sound like a pain? Well, at least here at Hotel Beacon, it’s not. And there are at least two big benefits. First, you’ll save money, of course. Second, you can tailor your meal to your exact diet preferences and needs — an enormous benefit if you’re allergic to certain foods, trying to lose weight, or like your meals just so.

Setup for Success

First, a small caveat — these meals aren’t easy in every hotel. But here at Hotel Beacon, all of our room and suites have refrigerators and multi-burner stovetops. So if you’re staying with us, you’re set up for success. Let the meal prep begin!


At least in the USA, breakfast means eggs. So, how do you like them? Scrambled? Over easy? Whatever your preference, you can cook up some delicious breakfast on the stovetop in any of the suites at Hotel Beacon. Omelets are a great way to mix in some of your favorite vegetables, which can be stored in the in-room refrigerator. Just bring your favorite ingredients or make a quick grocery store run and you’re all set.


A good way to avoid that afternoon slump is to enjoy a hefty salad for lunch. It doesn’t weigh you down and you avoid the dreaded afternoon carb crash. Bring all your veggies, prep some steak or chicken on the stovetop in one of our suites, and mix it up! Now, we understand “salad” can be a scary word to some people. But there are many types of salad. Grab some black beans, avocado, a little salsa, some beef, and some shredded cheese, and you’re on your way to a delicious burrito bowl.

Zabars & Fairway Market

Right about now is a good time to talk about ingredients. When you’re home, you know where the nearest grocery store is and how to find your way around. If you’re visiting the Upper West Side, that simple errand can be a bit intimidating at first. But don’t worry — Zabars is right down the street and they have a great selection of fresh food and Fairway Market is right across the street with everything you need.


After a long day touring New York City, why not enjoy a great burger or chicken sandwich? Zabars has great bread and deli meats. They also have a great selection of soups! Ok, with that one we cheated a bit as you won’t technically be making it in your room. But after saving all that time and money for breakfast and lunch, you can afford to splurge a little, right?