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Where to Find New York’s Best Oysters  blog image

Where to Find New York’s Best Oysters

May 22 2023

When you think of New York, oysters probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind – however, oysters and New York City are better connected than you might think.

Once upon a time, New York had over 220,000 acres of oysters, and they were the cheapest food available in the city. In fact, New York became known as the oyster capital of the world, and you could find them almost everywhere.

Thanks to their popularity, despite the huge abundance of oysters, they were overharvested and eventually became less and less available in the city.

But they’re finally making a comeback!

In recent years plenty of steps have been taken to encourage the return of the oysters, and the hard work is finally paying off. Since 2010 the Billion Oyster Project has been reintroducing the mollusks to the New York harbor to improve the water quality and marine biodiversity as well as boost shoreline production.  

While New York oysters are making a comeback, they’re still illegal to harvest and eat – for now – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still find delicious oysters in the Big Apple and partake in one of New York’s oldest pastimes – shucking oysters.

Plate of fresh, raw oysters with a wedge of lemon  

The Pearl Dive

Located in the center of Manhattan, this popular spot is one of the city’s best for fresh oysters. As well as local oysters, the Pearl Dive also offers a variety of internationally-sourced oysters from all over the world. Visit and enjoy a platter of fresh oysters opened in front of your eyes.

The Mermaid’s Cove

Eating oysters on the water somehow adds to the experience – so if you’re looking for oysters with a waterfront view, don’t miss the Mermaid’s Cove. Offering oysters from both the east coast and west coast, the Mermaid’s Cove also offers wine and oyster pairings – perfect for a summer afternoon in the city.

Man opening oyster with equipment

The Shuck Shack

Looking for a traditional oyster experience? The shuck shack is a casual, no-frills oyster bar that is loved by the locals. Whether it’s your first oyster experience or you fancy yourself a bit of a connoisseur, the Shuck Shack is oyster heaven, and the oysters are some of the freshest in town.

Grand Oyster Bar

Located in Central Station, the Grand Oyster Bar (previously known as Grand Central Terminal Restaurant) has been open since 1913 and has served some of the best New York oysters for over 100 years. Sip on champagne and slurp on oysters while you watch the world go by in New York’s most famous train station.

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