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An Insider’s Guide to TikTok Filming Locations in New York City  blog image

An Insider’s Guide to TikTok Filming Locations in New York City

May 15 2023

If you’re into content creation, chances are you already have a TikTok account – and you spend hours every week on the app, creating the perfect videos in the hope of going viral. Whether you create travel content, food content, fashion content, music content, or even mommy content - what better background for your next video than New York City?

New York is a popular hot spot for all content creators, particularly TikTokers, and there are plenty of different spots to capture unique videos. There are thousands of viral videos from all over New York City, so if you want yours to stand out, you’ll need to think outside the box and avoid the overused locations that have already gone viral.

If you’re visiting New York City any time soon, save this list of lesser-known TikTok filming locations – and tag us if you go viral! 

Woman poses in DUMBO district on quiet paved street with Brooklyn Bridge in the background

Times Square

While Times Square isn’t a “lesser known” location, no New York video would be complete without a shot of the iconic background. Nothing says “New York” quite like Times Square, with the noise, bright lights, bustling streets, and the famous yellow taxi cabs as the backdrop for your next viral video.

The High Line

If you’re a seasoned New Yorker, you’ll know all about the High Line – however, if you’re new to the city, this “loved by the locals” spot offers great views across the city. The elevated park offers green spaces and panoramic views and is completely free to enter. Extra bonus: in the summer months you can find free live music, the perfect soundtrack to your next video.

Washington Square Park

New York, despite its impressive skyline, is a city full of green spaces. If you’re looking for a park with an impressive view of the New York skyline, Washington Square Park will be a lot less crowded than popular favorites like Central Park or Riverside Park. Head down at sunrise to increase your chances of an empty park.

Woman takes photo on her phone of New York city skyline after sunset

The Bridges

Brooklyn Bridge is perhaps the most iconic bridge in New York, and the views it offers are second to none – but it’s almost always crowded. However, it isn’t the only bridge with a great view. Manhattan is home to plenty of other bridges connecting Manhattan to the rest of the city, and they all offer great views.


DUMBO, or “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” is another great location for lesser-known photo and video opportunities. The area offers views across the water and the Manhattan Skyline, as well as the famous Manhattan Bridge. While the spot is popular for photographers and videographers, each street offers a different viewpoint across the city and there are still unique spots to be found.

Central Park

Central Park is the most photographed location in the world, so while it’s not a “lesser-known” location – with almost 850 acres to discover, there are many different spots to capture your next video. The earlier you head down to the park, the more chance you’ll have of finding a quiet spot away from the crowds and distractions.

Wherever you visit in New York, there are endless backdrops to choose from for your next viral TikTok video – and many of them are within walking distance of the Hotel Beacon, the perfect home base for your trip to New York City.