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Where to Find NYC’s Best Tasting Sandwich   blog image

Where to Find NYC’s Best Tasting Sandwich

January 23 2023

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?

A New York staple, the humble sandwich, is loved by commuters, staff who work through their breaks, hungry tourists, and almost anyone living in and passing through the city.

In fact, sandwiches are so popular in New York City that you can find a sandwich shop on almost every street – and more than one of them claims to be the best in the city!

With so many sandwich shops claiming the title, it can be impossible to decide which sandwich to try, and extra disappointing when a sandwich shop doesn’t deliver on its promise.

If you’re looking for New York’s best sandwich, we’ve selected our favorite delis in the city to help you find your new favorite NYC sandwich.

Four open rolls/mini baguettes, with Asian style ingredients, a variety of meats, and salad. Served on a wooden chopping board with pickled chillis and a red hot sauce

Num Pang Kitchen

Looking for a fresh sandwich that will fill you up but not weigh you down? Num Pang Kitchen is a Cambodian Inspired sandwich shop that will replace Banh Mi as your new favorite Asian buns. Filled with Asian veggies, spices, sauces, and your choice of meat, veggies, or seafood, the Num Pang Kitchen sandwiches are up there with the best.

Cheeky Sandwiches

This hole-in-the-wall sandwich heaven offers a New Orleans-inspired menu, with a diverse selection of unique sandwich fillings – notably the fried chicken on buttermilk biscuit and lashings of gravy! If you’re looking for a messy sandwich that you’ll struggle to finish, Cheeky Sandwiches are the place to go.


Located in the East Village, this pop-up window is home to some of the best sandwiches in the city. Using unique ingredients like camel, innovative cooking techniques such as smoking, and coming up with some mind-blowing flavor combos, we’re confident your next sandwich will be a good one.

Ciao, Gloria

Everyone knows all the best sandwiches are Italian, and Ciao, Gloria claims to be American with an Italian accent. They offer an impressive range of both traditional Italian sandwiches on focaccia and more modern flavor combinations.

Traditional Italian sandwich, served on a focaccia style bread roll with arugula, tomatoes, and salami inside the bun. Served on brown paper, with a red and white tea towel below.

Wherever you end up trying, we’re certain you’re going to end up finding your new favorite New York City sandwich and a sandwich shop you’ll find yourself returning to every time you visit Manhattan.

There are plenty of other sandwich shops to try all over the city. Do you know a better sandwich place in NYC? We want to hear about it – let us know on our social media channels.

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