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6 Must-taste Pizza Shops on the Upper West Side blog image

6 Must-taste Pizza Shops on the Upper West Side

June 13 2018

You love pizza. Who doesn’t? Pizza may have first originated in Italy, but pizza as we know it in the U.S. started right here in New York City. The country’s first pizzeria was founded in Little Italy in 1905 by Gennaro Lombardi. His shop was also the first to sell pizza by the slice.

There are more than 350 pizzerias in Manhattan, and that’s not counting restaurants that offer pizza as just one option on the menu. So, if you want to taste pizza done right, come to New York City. Here are a few of our favorites on the Upper West Side.  

Osteria Cotta — Enjoy a variety of popular Italian staples including wood-oven pizza voted #1 on FourSquare.

Sal & Carmine Pizza — Feast on pizza, pasta, salad, and more — they even have an app for easy ordering!

Patsy's Pizzeria  — Taste authentic, Sicilian, coal-oven pizza beloved by celebrities, locals, and visitors from all over the world.

Pizzeria Sirenetta — Experience exquisite Neapolitan pizzas and rustic Italian fare. This is a new neighborhood favorite!

Cafe Fiorello — Grab a slice or more right across the street from Lincoln Center before a show, or stop by after for a light bite at the antipasto bar, or for cocktails and dessert.

My Pie — Go beyond ordinary pizza and check out Taglio Alla Romana. Originally created from a bread recipe it was transformed over decades into a special dough that’s made of a unique mix of flours from Rome.