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New York Street Food: Where to Go and What to Order blog image

New York Street Food: Where to Go and What to Order

September 26 2022

Cities and street food go hand in hand, and New York is no different. Food trucks and street vendors are a great way to keep costs down and try the real taste of authentic New York City on your next trip to the Big Apple.

NYC has grown up on street food and it’s something that has survived generations of gentrification within the city – even throughout a period when it was made illegal – and over the years the food on offer has changed dramatically.

When we think of New York Street Food for most of us it’s pizza slices, pretzels, and hot dogs – but the first food pushcarts in the city sold Oysters. Now considered a luxury food, Oysters and Clams were once eaten by even the poorest of NYC residents and sold cheaply on the city’s streets via pushcarts or food trucks.

As an increasing number of European immigrants came to the city, pushcarts selling cheap, homemade foods were one of the easiest ways to get into work – bringing new, European foods to the market.

Pushcarts are still used by approximately 10,000 different vendors in the city – although they don’t all sell food – and food trucks have recently started to pop up all over, offering even more variety when it comes to street eats.

But what is the best when it comes to New York Street Food?

food cooking on grill with giant pretzels and the lights of new york city in the background

The Food Trucks on 6th Avenue

Perfect for when you’re not quite sure what you want to eat – or you have a picky family in tow. 6th Avenue is lined with street trucks offering everything from a simple NY hot dog to fusion Asian Tacos. The area is popular with both tourists and locals and is just a 30-minute walk or 10-minute subway ride from the Hotel Beacon.


At some point in the last 24 months, Birria went “viral” in the food truck world. Whether it’s birria pizza, birria ramen, or even vegan birria – the lesser-known Mexican street food has taken the USA by storm. If you’re looking for some authentic birria tacos, without the added frills – Birria-Landia is the taco truck for you.

The Halal Guys

The original Halal Guys carts have been around for 30 years and are one of the most well-known street food vendors in the city. Offering a cheap and filling meal, that hasn’t changed over the last three decades makes the Halal Guys a favorite with locals all over NYC.

grilled corn on the cob and chestnuts on a street food grill

Uncle Gussy's

First opening in 1971, Uncle Gussy’s is the best-known Greek street food vendor in New York. The family-run business started offering hot dogs and pretzels, but as their menu grew to include Greek specialties like Keftedes, Gemista, and stuffed pita sandwiches so did their popularity. Starting at $6 for a pita sandwich the food is amazing and great value for money too.

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