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Traveling with Kids on the Upper West Side: Taking on the Big Apple with Little Ones blog image

Traveling with Kids on the Upper West Side: Taking on the Big Apple with Little Ones

January 27 2020

Traveling with kids, toddlers, tykes and babies has its fair share of challenges and triumphs. We’re no stranger to the hurdles of traveling with little ones at Hotel Beacon on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Our apartment-style rooms complete with kitchenettes are a favorite among families, who need the extra room and kitchen space to keep everything running smoothly.

Over the years we’ve compiled some local resources for those traveling with little ones, from hands-on museums to the best toddler boutiques in New York City. Here’s a look at some of our most useful information for those taking on the Big Apple with a band of little ones.

The Best Interactive Museums for Kids in Manhattan

All that little-kid energy has to go somewhere, and an interactive museum is just the place. From the Children’s Museum of Arts to the indoor playgrounds of The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, there’s something for a range of ages all in one place.

Family-Friendly Restaurants on the Upper West Side

Your little ones may desire a strictly-pizza diet during their NYC stay, but this list will make sure that doesn’t happen. See where to grab a quick lunch or enjoy comfort food that’s made from scratch – so that everyone’s happy and you know the kids are eating good.


A Trip to the Seaport District with Kids

If it’s a sunny day, take in the fresh air at the historic Seaport District in Manhattan. See where to play, what to eat, and what to do at this district that’s experiencing a little renaissance of its own – so you can have fun too.

Where to Shop for Kids on the Upper West Side

Whether you’re in the market for designer clothes from a baby boutique or great deals on shoes and casual wear, the Upper West Side has you covered. Here are some of the best places to check out within walking distance of the hotel. Plus, we have spacious closets in all of our rooms!


The Upper West Side with Kids

You and your rugrats will be glad to know that Central Park is in the backyard of the Upper West Side. You can ice skate in the winter, row boats in the summer, enjoy playgrounds, marionette shows, take visit the zoo or a ride on the carousel – all in one, sprawling park. Read up on local outings in and around the neighborhood, from exciting markets to lunch on the pier.

Hotel Beacon on the Upper West Side is ideal for families. Apartment-style rooms with fully-equipped kitchenettes and spacious closets offer you and your little ones space to unwind. Plus, it’s located in the Upper West Side, a laid-back, picturesque neighborhood in Manhattan. Read more about our rooms and accommodations.