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Iconic New York Experiences to Cross Off Your Bucket List blog image

Iconic New York Experiences to Cross Off Your Bucket List

October 25 2018

The city of New York appears in so many American movies, that most visitors have a clear idea of what it’s like before even setting foot in the iconic metropolis. The truth is, most of their conceptions aren’t far off. Central Park is just as beautiful as its made out to be and the pizza is just as good as everybody says. So, here are some iconic NYC experiences to add – and then cross off – your bucket list.

Take a Walk through Central Park

Central Park is such a prominent part of New York City that you can’t miss a visit. Best of all, the historic green lung of the five boroughs is right in our backyard. Visit Central Park and take a stroll to check out its verdant landscape and nonstop activity. Use our Central Park walking guide to get the most of your visit – the park is so vast you won’t be able to cover it in just one outing.

See a Show

Broadway is the obvious choice to see a musical or play in New York City, but there’s also endless world-class productions, shows and concerts going on all around the city. You can’t go wrong. Catch a production at the Metropolitan Opera House, the New York Philharmonic at the David Geffen Hall, or jazz at the Lincoln Center – all just blocks away from Hotel Beacon. In the mood for stand-up comedy or a concert? The historic Beacon Theatre located just downstairs always has a stellar line up.

Ride the Subway

While the Subway is an afterthought for most New Yorkers, it’s an exciting, unknown underworld to outsiders. It also happens to be the most efficient way to get around the city, as Subway delays are nothing compared to rush-hour traffic. Decipher the NYC Subway system using our guide, and get to your destination like a local.

Take in the View at the Top of the Empire State Building

There’s something about the Empire State Building that has attracted attention for the better half of the century. What better way to enjoy this historic landmark than to reach the top? Enjoy sunrise, sunset and all-day 360-degree views of the best city on earth. Plan your trip ahead of time.

Shop Fifth Avenue

The most well-known avenue in the country is home to the flagship Apple Store, Saks Fifth Ave., Tiffany & Co., Bergdorf Goodman – the list is endless. Plan a Fifth Avenue outing to enjoy the emblematic window displays and buy yourself a souvenir.

Order Food in a Busy NY Deli

Tourists can sometimes feel deterred by the fast-pace nature of New York delis, but it’s all part of the experience. The Upper West Side is home to iconic delis – and the payoff is so tasty it’s worth it. Order fare from Zabar’s or other UWS local delis and enjoy the local noshes.


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