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Hotel Beacon - NYC

Iconic Foods You Must Try in NYC

November 07 2018 | Dining

New York City is as much its food as it is its people. The city’s iconic foodstuffs are all tied to the culture of somewhere else, with bagel mixes brought from Poland and cannoli recipes from Sicily. We see the...


More Iconic Landmarks on the Upper West Side

October 29 2018 | The Upper West Side

The Upper West Side has so much history, it can be hard to know where to start. In our first post about iconic landmarks on the Upper West Side, we introduced you to the Pier I Gantry, Juilliard School, the...


Colombia in New York City: Your Guide to All Things Colombian in NYC

October 26 2018 | Arts & Culture

Colombian culture isn’t as obvious as other Latino cultures in Manhattan, but cumbia rhythms in dance clubs, guava-stuffed empanadas and a vibrant Colombian community in Queens give New Yorkers a little taste of the South American country. Is your knowledge...


Iconic New York Experiences to Cross Off Your Bucket List

October 25 2018 | Arts & Culture

The city of New York appears in so many American movies, that most visitors have a clear idea of what it’s like before even setting foot in the iconic metropolis. The truth is, most of their conceptions aren’t far off....