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Hotel Beacon - NYC

6 Quintessential Things To Do in New York This Summer

August 20 2018 | Arts & Culture

As the “Capital of the World,” New York City is a premier destination any day of the year. There’s always something new to see or do here. But there are some things in New York City that are best experienced...


Australia in New York City: Your Guide to All Things Australian in NYC

August 15 2018 | Arts & Culture

There’s no better place for that international feel than New York City. Looking for a change of scene or a taste of home? Check out all things Australian on this side of the equator with Australian coffee shops, Aboriginal art...


The Hotel Beacon Guide to Central Park: Part 3

August 13 2018 | The Upper West Side

If you’ve never been to Central Park, you might not know: it’s big. Most people hear “park” and think about swing sets, some grass and trees, and a few benches. Central Park has much more. In fact, Central Park is...


The History of the Beacon Theatre

August 10 2018 | Arts & Culture

The Hotel Beacon and the Beacon Theatre were built in tandem as an eight-million dollar venture in the late 1920s. Adorned with a fully-functioning overhead airway beacon during the early days of flight, both the hotel and theatre were met...