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Classic Movies Shot on the Upper West Side blog image

Classic Movies Shot on the Upper West Side

July 03 2018

Sure, Hollywood has the walk of fame, but in the Upper West Side, you can walk in the footsteps of fame. New York City is full of film history, and the Upper West Side is no exception, as many beloved classics have used this neighborhood to set their scenes apart.

West Side Story

Obviously, right? This one’s named after the neighborhood after all. Scenes were primarily filmed on 68th Street between Amsterdam Avenue and West End Avenue in the area now known as Lincoln Towers.

Rosemary’s Baby

The entirety of Rosemary’s Baby was shot inside The Dakota. In the film, the building is called “The Bramford.” In real life, The Dakota is famous for being the former home of John Lennon. It’s named after the Dakota Territory because, at the time it was built, the area was so sparsely populated it was considered remote compared to the more populated sections of Manhattan.

When Harry Met Sally

In this film, Harry and Sally buy a Christmas tree at PlantShed on West 96th Street; their best friends have an apartment at West 89th Street, and they try to set each other up on dates at Cafe Luxembourg on West 70th Street.


Watch this hilarious spookfest from 1984 and keep an eye out for 55 Central Park West. It’s less than a mile from Hotel Beacon. Then there’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man — he makes his cameo on the movie right near Columbus Circle between 58th Street and 59th Street.


Ok, not a film. But still a classic. Nearly every episode features an exterior shot of “Monks” aka Tom’s Restaurant, which is near Columbia University (the interior was filmed on a soundstage in Hollywood).

You’ve Got Mail

Meg Ryan again! When you visit the Upper West Side, you’re basically visiting the set of the 1998 film You’ve Got Mail. Watch the film, then visit the locations, including Cafe Lalo; 106 West 69th Street, at Columbus Avenue (the location of Meg Ryan’s character’s Indie bookstore); 79th St Boat Basin (Tom Hanks’ character’s home location); Zabars; Starbucks at 2252 Broadway at West 81st Street; and 328 West 89th Street (Meg Ryan’s character’s apartment).