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Keeping Cool in the New York Summer Heat   blog image

Keeping Cool in the New York Summer Heat

July 25 2022

There are few people who don’t enjoy the summer but being in a big city can make the warmer months sticky – whether you’re a resident or visiting on vacation. The Big Apple experiences very warm summers, with highs of 86 degrees and the occasional thunderstorm. – But don’t worry, there are still plenty of great ways to keep you and your family cool even at the height of summer.

Make the Most of Airconditioning

Most if not all restaurants, shops, libraries, and museums will all be equipped with high-standard aircon and will keep you out of the sun. Whether you’re into history, art, science, or nature – there are 83 museums to enjoy across the five boroughs, to escape the heat of the day. Shopping in New York is some of the best in the world, and there is nothing quite like that blast of cold air when you walk through the doors – the perfect excuse for a little retail therapy. You can find a list of all air-conditioned areas within the city here.

Enjoy an Ice Cream

Love ice cream, gelato, and soft serve? New York has no shortage of frozen treats to enjoy – especially as the weather warms up. In fact, NYC’s close ties with Italy mean you can find some of the best gelato outside of the country, right here in the heart of Manhattan. Whether you’re looking for a traditional ice cream parlor, or somewhere offering a unique take on the summer classic, TimeOut have put together a list of the best places to try in the city this summer.

Get Wet!

It might come as a surprise to you, but it’s completely legal to jump in most fountains in the city – and sometimes, needs must. Of course, playing in fountains is mostly reserved for children, but that doesn’t mean big kids can’t get involved too when the heat gets too much. If fountains aren’t for you there are free pools in all five boroughs, and beaches within an hour of downtown and you can even kayak on the Hudson River for a unique way to see the city.

Two pink frozen cocktails in margarita glasses with a salted rim, green and white striped straws and a strawberry garnish, fruits are out of focus in the background of the image

Enjoy Happy Hour

Whatever your tipple, New York is home to plenty of different bars, restaurants, pubs, beer gardens, and speakeasies – all offering a little respite from the sun and many with a daily happy hour. Happy Hour is a great way to make your budget go further at the same time as having a relaxing drink away from the heat. While not all bars will be family-friendly, beer gardens and the bars within the city parks are often a lot more accommodating!

If you’re traveling to NYC this summer, the Hotel Beacon is located in the residential Upper West Side - just minutes from some of the best attractions and museums in the city.