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A Local’s Guide to Your First Yankees Game blog image

A Local’s Guide to Your First Yankees Game

March 13 2023

It’s the start of the season, and even if you’re not a baseball fan, seeing a Yankees Game is a rite of passage for New Yorkers.

If you’re in New York over the coming months, there are plenty of games to catch, and here is our guide to enjoying your very first Yankees Game.

Located in the Bronx at East 161st Street, the stadium is one of the most famous stadiums in the nation and the world.

The Yankees are 27-time World Series Champions and perhaps the biggest-known name in baseball outside the USA – but how do you go about seeing them in the city?

Book Tickets in Advance

As such a popular game, tickets for the Yankees can sell out quickly. It’s best to book in advance to ensure you avoid disappointment, especially if you have limited time in the city.

You can quickly and easily organize tickets online before you book your trip, although at a quiet game, if you get there early – you might be able to buy at the gates. 

Yankee stadium station. Sign for Yankee Stadium and an empty platform

Getting There

The best – and most traditional way – to get to a Yankees game, especially if you’re traveling from Manhattan, is via the subway on the 4, B, and D lines.

You can also take the MTA Subway and Metro-North trains direct to the stadium. If you’re driving, “Yankee Stadium” is all you need on your sat nav, and there are plenty of places to park in the area.

As a last option, calling a cab or Uber works – but if there is traffic, which there likely will be, your travel time is unpredictable, and cabs can cost upwards of $30. 

Aged postcard or photo of the inside of the original Yankee stadium, with the stands full of people

What to Bring

Coolers, plastic/glass bottles, and cans are not permitted inside the stadium – however, you are still allowed to bring certain foods and drinks into the grounds, helping to keep costs down.

Water bottles and metal containers are permitted, as well as juice and tea boxes and food kept in a clear plastic bag.

It’s important to note bags “larger than a child’s backpack” will not be accepted, and all bags will be searched on entry for security reasons.

When to Arrive

Gates open 1.5 hours in advance on weekdays and 3 hours before on Fridays and Saturdays – get there with time to avoid the crowds. 

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