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When to Visit New York to See the Snow

December 04 2023

New York is beautiful whenever you visit, but there is something magical about seeing the city that never sleeps underneath a blanket of snow. The entire city is transformed into a winter wonderland and is the perfect backdrop for your photos of the trip.

Getting your timing right is essential if you want to visit New York during the snowy season – with December often being too early and March much too late. But when is the best time to visit New York to see the snow?

The first flurries of snow in New York usually begin in December, leaving a light dusting across the city, with occasional heavy snowfall. However, it’s not usually until January and February when you’ll see the post-card-worthy snow across the city.

Yellow taxi cab drives through snowy street in New York

Heavy snowstorms usually hit the Big Apple by mid-January, covering the city and its famous landmarks in a couple of inches of snow. Most years, New York has more than a couple of inches (and sometimes a couple of feet!) by February, especially in green spaces like Central Park.

Once the heavier snow hits, Central Park is a great place to really get lost and make the most of the snowfall. Enjoy ice skating or snowball fights, or leave the city behind and lose yourself on a peaceful walk along one of the many trails in the park. If you want to see the snow but don’t fancy dealing with cold, wet feet, see the park from the warmth and comfort of one of the horse-drawn carriages that can be found throughout Central Park.

Central Park in the snow

If you’re in the city for the snow, don’t miss out on the photo opportunities across NYC. All your favorite landmarks are somehow even more impressive under a blanket of snow. Don’t miss the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, or one of the city’s many parks.

By March, most of the snow will have melted, and snow showers become less frequent as the city starts to show signs of spring. While you might be lucky to see a snow shower in March, January and February are the best months to see the city blanketed in white snow.

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