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New York’s Best Theater Shows – Not on Broadway blog image

New York’s Best Theater Shows – Not on Broadway

February 05 2024

New York’s famous theater district - Broadway - is known around the world for its commitment to putting on an amazing show. However, Broadway can get both busy and pricey, especially if you want to see more than one show. 

Outside of Broadway, there are several theaters where you can enjoy live shows that are just as good as anything you’ll find in the theater district, without the price tag or the crowds. But what are the best ones to see? 

Dead Outlaw
Venue: Minetta Lane Theater

Dates: Until April 7, 2024

Dead Outlaw is a tale of justice and redemption that will transport you to the Old Wild West. Set in the American frontier, the musical takes viewers back in time and follows the story of an old train robber from Oklahoma who was found hanging in an amusement park in California. 

Empty red theatre seats

Venue: Daryl Roth Theater

Dates: Until June 16, 2024

Titanique is a musical parody, following the story of the sinking of Titanic. Like the 1997 film, the musical features songs from Celine Dion - including some of her greatest hits that were never featured in the original movie, but with a comical element. If you fancy a good old sing-along and laughing until you cry, don’t miss Titanique. 

The Effect
Venue: The Shed

Dates: Until March 31, 2024

If you want to avoid musicals and prefer more serious dramas, The Effect should be right up your alley. Focusing on the complexities of love and identity, The Effect is a thought-provoking show set in a clinical trial for a new antidepressant - making it a unique production to see in the city.

Crowd applaud in front of a stage in the theatre

Venue: Mitzi E Newhouse Theater

Dates: March 13 - April 14, 2024

Corruption is an original play exploring the shadowy underbelly of the media. The show tells the story of the UK phone hacking scandal that engulfed the British media in the 2010s and deep dives into the secret world of politics, including the media and the corruption that surrounds it. 

Singfeld! A Musical About Nothing!
Venue: The Theater Center

Dates: Until March 31, 2024

March is the last month you will be able to enjoy the Singfeld musical. The musical is a parody based on the Seinfeld series and was written by Tobly and Bob Smith, who have previously written parodies of The Office and Saved by the Bell. The musical features references to all nine seasons of Seinfeld - so if you’re a fan, don’t miss out. 

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