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Where to Find New York's Best Street Art

April 22 2024

Like in any major city, you don’t have to go far to find street art in New York. You can find street art almost anywhere in the Big Apple, whether it's colorful murals or impressive graffiti tags - but for those of you who love street art, where are the best examples in the city?

Underground steps covered in graffiti in New York

Bushwick Collective

Bushwick is a neighborhood in the heart of Brooklyn that has some of the most impressive street art in New York. The Bushwick Collective is an outdoor art gallery showcasing work from artists from all over the world.

The gallery is located between Troutman Street and Nicolas Avenue and began when a resident in the neighborhood donated his wall to street artists. Other residents followed suit, providing more empty walls that could be used for street art - and the outdoor gallery grew.

Once a year the neighborhood hosts a huge street party, celebrating the art with live music from international artists.

East Village

The East Village has long been one of New York’s party hubs, home to some of the best restaurants, bars, and clubs in the city. The Village is come to a diverse mix of cultures and communities and extremely popular with creatives.

The neighborhood is home to plenty of colorful streets and hidden alleyways that display some great street art. If you head down to the East Village, don’t miss the murals on the walls of St Mark’s Place or the street art installations along the Bowery.

Man paints graffiti art onto a wall in New York City at dusk

Lower East Side

The Lower East side is a home to a thriving street art scene that reflects the neighbourhood’s colorful and vibrant history. Whether you want to see murals, posters, or stencil art, you can find it all on the Lower East Side.

Take a self guided tour or book a guided tour through one of the many vendors who offer street art walking tours in the area. As well as plenty of art from local artists, you can also find the works of international street artists including Banksy, Invader, and Shepard Fairey in the neighborhood.


Williamsburg is known for its shopping, great restaurants, and vibrant nightlife - and it’s also home to some great street art. Head down to the waterfront and you’re spoiled for choice with murals, graffiti, and a variety of art installations.

Some of the best examples can be found on the Williamsburg Bridge and the many warehouses and abandoned building walls. Not sure where to begin? This street art guide can help you find the best murals in the area.

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