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Is New York Haunted?

April 15 2024

New York is the third oldest city in the USA and perhaps the US city with the most colorful history. The city is littered with historic landmarks, hidden alleyways, and forgotten apartments - but is the city haunted? 

Ghost stories about New York have been retold for centuries, and the city is said to be home to plenty of spirits, ghosts, and other supernatural phenomena. Whether they’re just stories, or something scarier, visiting New York’s most haunted places is the only way to know for yourself

So where are the most haunted places in New York City? 

Black and white photo of the Dakota in New York City

The Dakota

Located on the Upper West Side, just a 10-minute walk from the Hotel Beacon, you can find the Dakota overlooking Central Park. The building was completed in 1884 and was called home by many different artists, actors, and musicians. 

Infamously, John Lennon - a resident in the building - was murdered at the entrance in 1980 and since then there have been many reports of seeing his ghost inside the building. As well as seeing his ghost walk the hallways of the building, many residents report unexplainable noises and flickering lights. 

Want to check it out for yourself? While the Dakota is a private building for residents only, you can still visit the outside of the building - but don’t get too close, the security guard is very protective of the entrance! 

The Merchant’s House Museum

The Merchant’s House Museum was built in 1832 and is one of the city’s oldest surviving structures. The designated New York City landmark is said to be haunted by the building's previous residents, with some visitors reporting ghost sightings, hearing voices, and experiencing other paranormal activity. 

The four-story home is the only 19th-century family home in New York that still has the original exterior and interior - a perfectly preserved slice of history. The family home - complete with slave quarters - was lived in by the family and descendants until 1933 when it was turned into a museum by a distant relative of the last surviving daughter, Gertrude. 

Gertrude’s spirit is said to have haunted the building since her death in the 1930s and the building is often referred to as New York’s most haunted building. Public ghost tours happen throughout the year, or you can organize a private ghost tour if you prefer. 

Old grave stones in a grave yard or cemetery in New York

The Morris-Jumel Mansion

In the heart of Washington Heights, you can find the Morris-Jumel Mansion - the oldest surviving house in Manhattan. The house is a designated New York City landmark and boasts a history of over 250 years.

The building was visited by George Washington and Aaron Burr and has seen its fair share of drama over the years. Nowadays the mansion is best known for its paranormal activity that has more than captured the attention of the public.

Looking for mysterious footsteps, ghostly appearances, and other eerie occurrences? Look no further than the Morris-Jumel Mansion.

Green-Wood Cemetery

What’s more haunted than a cemetery? Green-Wood is located in Brooklyn and is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity. Many visitors to the cemetery report seeing ghosts, hearing voices, and experiencing chills without any real explanation.

Want to know if it’s really haunted? The cemetery is open year-round to the public, from 7 am to 7 pm - so if you’re brave enough, why not go and find out?

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