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Hidden Gem Photography Locations for Trigger Happy Travellers in the Big Apple blog image

Hidden Gem Photography Locations for Trigger Happy Travellers in the Big Apple

April 11 2022

They say Central Park and New York City are two of the most filmed and photographed locations in the whole world – but why is it that everyone always comes home with the same photos?

Like in any city, the landmarks are a must-see, so many of us end up taking photos of the same places from similar angles. The Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and everywhere in Central Park have been captured on film countless times – but that doesn’t mean you can’t find lesser-known photography locations in NYC.

New York is a city that never sleeps – and the everyday energy is something photographers from all over the world try to capture. Whether you’re a professional, an amateur or you simply want to grab some unique family vacation photos, this list is great place to start.

Squibb Park Bridge: Middagh St, Brooklyn - Best for an uninterrupted city view without crowds.

A classic New York Bridge shot is on every photographer’s bucket list – but with so many people heading to the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, it’s easy to find yourself spending hours trying to line up the perfect shot without anyone else spoiling it.

Instead, Squibb Park Bridge is a much smaller, wooden bridge that offers exceptional views across the Manhattan Skyline – and as a lesser-known bridge in the city, you can spend as much time as you wish without bothering anyone or having anyone bother you.

Staple Street Skybridge: 9 Jay St - Best for capturing “Old New York”.

New York is a city rich in history, and if you know where to look, it’s easy to stumble upon areas that look like they haven’t changed at all in the last 100 years. Staple Street Skybridge is a great example of this. Originally, the bridge was created to connect clinics in the New York Hospital, but it is now part of a private home.

Steam Stacks: various locations - Best for capturing streetscapes.

Steam stacks can be found all over New York City and while it might not be something “unique” to photograph, no two steam formations will ever look the same – giving you the perfect opportunity to take shots that have never been captured before.

To find the steam stacks, simply seek out subway stations – they can almost always be found close. The stacks are colored white and orange and are easy to spot. Visit the stacks at night or just after sunset to capture some earie and impressive street shots.

steam stacks in new york outside subway station with city in the background

The High Line: Gansevoort Street (south) or 34th Street (north) - Best for aerial shots.

Built on an old New York Central Railroad on the West Side of Manhattan, the High Line is an elevated park and “green space” offering multiple impressive views across the city. While the park is still busy, it’s not as busy as the other parks such as Central Park or Riverside and there are plenty of places up and down the High Line to stop and take a photo. Visit at sunrise or sunset to capture the city at its most beautiful.

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