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Halloween 2021 on the Upper West Side: A Family Friendly Event blog image

Halloween 2021 on the Upper West Side: A Family Friendly Event

September 10 2021

Halloween is spectacular in New York’s Upper West Side, if you know where to look. As a family friendly event, knowing what to do and where to go when you’re visiting a neighborhood you’re not familiar with is key to a successful Hallows’ Eve for all the family.

Halloween is a big deal in most New York neighborhoods, but the Upper West Side offers something much closer to home. Whether you’re looking for Halloween decorations, an unmissable jack-o-lantern display or a simple night of trick or treating – it can all be found within a comfortable distance of the Hotel Beacon. 

69th Street

If you’re on the Upper West Side over the Halloween period – the one thing you simply can’t miss is Halloween on 69th Street. The residents of West 69th Street go above and beyond to transform the neighborhood in time for Halloween. Between Broadway and Central Park West are some of the most intricate Halloween decorations in the city, as well as live displays with everyone’s favourite creepy characters. You can find pumpkin-lined 69th Street in all it’s glory for the last two weeks of October – and within a five-minute walk of the Hotel Beacon. 

Trick or Treating

The Upper West Side is a residential area with over 200,000 residents (the neighborhood is known to be a family favorite among New Yorkers), and trick or treating is a huge part of Halloween. Many houses, shops and even hotels will stock up on candy for the week of Halloween and the night of the 31st is alive with children big and small enjoying the day in the most traditional way possible. Adults and children alike take dressing up very seriously so if you plan on trick or treating when you’re in the city, don’t forget your best costumes! 


Great Jack-O-Lantern Blaze

While Hudson Valley is over an hour from the Beacon Hotel on public transport – the experience is well worth the journey. Between the 18th of September and the 1st of November, the riverbanks beside the Van Cortlandt Manor come alive with over 7000 hand carved pumpkin lanterns every single evening. If the lanterns aren’t enough, you can also enjoy live displays of ghosts and headless horsemen, as well as indulge in a hot chocolate, a candied apple or a pumpkin spiced treat to keep you warm on the colder evenings. 

Haunted Houses

For the adults and big kids - as one of the first established cities in the entire country, New York is home to a number of buildings with an interesting – if not haunted – history, and many of them can be found on the Upper West Side. They might not be family friendly, but for the thrill seekers and ghost hunters among you, Halloween is the perfect time to explore…if you dare.

The Ansonia, 2109 Broadway 

This 115-year-old building offers gothic design, exterior gargoyles and a story about a demented doctor who used to revive the dead in lobby – helping the building to earn its creepy reputation. In recent years a few residents, guests and staff have reported spooky occurrences throughout the building including the ghost of a woman who watches the residents sleep. 

The Dakota, 1 W 72nd Street 

With a history that includes John Lennon’s murder and the filming of Rosemary’s Baby, the building already has great potential for a haunted location. Many residents and guests have reported seeing the ghosts of several different children and even John Lennon himself. 

Hotel Beacon on the Upper West Side is a great location to spend Halloween. Located within the residential area of the Upper West Side, the neighborhood is laid back, family friendly and offers endless activities for adults and children alike. Read more about the Hotel Beacon apartment style rooms for your next New York visit.