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Which is the Best Chinatown to Visit in New York City  blog image

Which is the Best Chinatown to Visit in New York City

October 10 2022

When visiting a new city many people suggest visiting the local Chinatown. Offering amazing food, great drinks, and an insight into Chinese American culture, the Chinese Quarter is a great place to get lost for the afternoon.

Most major cities in the US have a Chinatown, but New York City is unique – there are nine to choose from within the city limits.  Chinese immigrants first started moving to New York in the 19th Century and as the city grew, the number of Chinatowns did too.  

No matter what Chinatown you choose to visit in the city, you will be sure to find great, authentic Chinese and Chinese American culture wherever you go – here is a list of a few of our favorites.


New York City's Original Chinatown

Perhaps the most famous Chinatown is New York’s first Chinatown, in Manhattan. Located next door to Little Italy, and Lower Manhattan, the area is famed not only for its great food and rich history but also for great culture. Take a stroll through Columbus Park and listen to traditional Chinese music, visit Foyer Street to see the famous filming location, or learn more about New York’s Chinatowns at the Museum of Chinese in America.

Mott Street, Chinatown's "Main Street"

Known as Chinatown’s Main Street, if you are pushed for time but don’t want to miss exploring the best of what Chinatown has to offer, don’t miss a trip to Mott Street. The one-way street, lined with souvenir shops, restaurants, and tea rooms, runs from North to South and is reportedly the location of the first-ever Chinese Immigrant to Chinatown.

Street in Chinatown New York, looking up at buildings with large signs in Chinese letters advertising restaurants and shops.

Little Fuzhou

Not to be confused with the Little Fuzhou Chinatown in Brooklyn, Manhattan’s Little Fuzhou is in the Two Bridges and Lower East Side area of the Borough. Little Fuzhou Chinatown is home to the highest concentration of Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere and is one of the world’s oldest Chinese enclaves, as well as the location of Chinatown’s “Wall Street”.


Sunset Park

The biggest New York Chinatown is located at Sunset Park and is one of the largest and fastest-growing ethnic Chinese enclaves outside of Asia. Brooklyn or Sunset Park Chinatown is often referred to as Little Fuzhou (an extension of the Little Fuzhou Chinatown in Manhattan) thanks to the high population of immigrants from Fuzhou and Fujian who moved to the area from Manhattan Chinatown and abroad. If you’re looking for the best Chinatown in Brooklyn, don’t miss Sunset Park.

Traditional Chinese lanterns in red and pink with yellow trim hang outside a shop or restaurant on busy New York street


Known as Little Hong Kong and Little Guangdong, the Chinatown at Bensonhurst is home to the largest Hong Kong community in the city – and is the best place to visit for authentic Hong Kong cuisines.

Avenue U

Despite being the smallest Chinatown in Brooklyn, Avenue U continues to expand. A second extension of the original Manhattan Chinatown, the area is home to a large Chinese population as well as bakeries, food markets, beauty salons, and electronics dealers within a small 10-block area.

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