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New Year, New Start: Five Best Places to Go for a Run on the UWS blog image

New Year, New Start: Five Best Places to Go for a Run on the UWS

January 03 2022

Running is a great way to start the day and has a number of benefits outside just maintaining fitness – for example, potentially improving mental health or helping you to establish a routine! Whether you live in New York, if you have made a resolution to run more this year – having somewhere beautiful to do so might make you more likely to stick to it. 

Despite being a city, New York is home to over 28,000 acres of green spaces, including 2300 parks – making it a surprisingly great place to enjoy the great outdoors. Here is a list of our favorite NYC running locations on the Upper West Side and around the city. 

Central Park 

Central Park is probably the most obvious answer. Located just minutes from the Beacon Hotel, the 800-acre park is bigger than some small countries and home to endless running routes.

The full loop of the park is over 6 miles, and with almost 60 miles of trails to explore even if you ran a different route every day, it would take you weeks (if not months) to see the whole park. For those of you who prefer walking or hiking, there are a variety of unpathed hiking trails to conquer including, The Ravine, The Ramble and The North Woods. 

The most popular running routes within the park are the reservoir route (2.5 km) and the Central Park Loop (10km). To avoid the crowds, the north end of the park is often a lot quieter than the south end.  

Riverside Park 

Riverside Park is a waterfront park with views across the Hudson River. The narrow park is around 4 miles long, and is a popular space for running, walking and cycling. The route is mostly flat and in the spring months will take you through Cherry Walk whilst the cherry blossoms are in bloom. 

Hudson River Park 

Like Riverside Park, the Hudson River Park is a narrow four-mile-long park that follows the Hudson Riverbank. In fact, Hudson River Park starts just a few blocks from Riverside Park and the Hudson River Greenway path links them both.  

The park is one of the most popular in the city, with over 17 million visitors annually. There are water stops, restrooms and plenty of places to sit and rest, stretch, or take in the views of the river and Upper Bay. The best time of day to visit the park is at sunset – the uninterrupted views across the water make for a great backdrop to your run. 

Sunrise at looking down Brooklyn Bridge towards Brooklyn

Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges 

Whilst not on the Upper West Side, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges route is definitely worth the trip if you want a run with a good view. As some of the most famous landmarks in New York City you will need to get there early to avoid the crowds – but watching the sunrise from the bridges is an unforgettable experience. 

The High Line 

If you want a unique running experience, that you really can’t find anywhere else in the world, The High Line is it. The public park was created on a disused freight rail line that is elevated above the streets. Opened in 2009, visitors are treated to a green space in the heart of the city, with art and design installations and views across the metropolis. Some people claim the air is cleaner than at street level – making it a much more pleasant place to walk and run when in the middle of Manhattan. 

The Hotel Beacon is conveniently located just minutes from Central Park, a paradise for runners in the city. If you’re visiting the city in the coming months and want to learn more about the Hotel Beacon location, visit us here.