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Scenic Train Rides in New York   blog image

Scenic Train Rides in New York

December 19 2022

Public transport is what keeps New York City running. Over 2.4 million use the subway, and a further 1.2 million use the bus system to navigate the city every day.

A ride on the subway might not seem like everyone’s perfect day out, but if you avoid rush hour, the train system is one of the cheapest ways to get around the city, and you might be surprised by the incredible views you can catch.

Now that the weather is colder and the harsh winter winds have picked up, walking around the city isn’t as appealing as it is in the warmer months. So why not see the city from the warmth and comfort of a scenic train ride?

New York State has over 3,500 miles of train tracks to be explored, offering both urban landscapes and beautiful natural scenery – but where can you find the best views?

Manhattan Bridge, with the Hudson River and Manhattan Skyline in the background, with the sun appearing between the skyscrapers

The F Train (Smith and 9th approach)

Perhaps the most iconic view from the subway in the whole city is the NYC skyline from both the platform at Smith and 9th and the train carriage. Located in Gowanus, Brooklyn, the station is the tallest rapid transport station in the world.

The 7 Train (74th Street/Broadway in Queens)

If you’re arriving in New York via JFK and want the best views from the airport into Manhattan, jump onto the A or E train into the city. At 74th/Broadway, change to the 7 Train, which runs above ground, offering spectacular views as you approach the city.

Train approaching platform at Smith and 9th with Manhattan in the background

Q Train (Brighton Beach approach)

Coney Island’s Amusement Park is closed for winter between September and May; however, there is still plenty to do in the area, and the train's view is one of the best in the city. Take the Q train, and as you approach Brighton Beach, you will catch your first glimpse of the historic Coney Island amusement parks, ocean, and beaches.

B, D, N, Q Trains (Manhattan Bridge)

Do you love the views from Brooklyn Bridge but are not a fan of the cold? Manhattan Bridge offers almost the same views as Brooklyn Bridge. So, avoid the elements and the crowds and take the B, D, N, or Q train across Manhattan Bridge instead – just don’t forget your camera!

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