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What to Pack for your December Vacation in New York? blog image

What to Pack for your December Vacation in New York?

October 30 2023

If you’re visiting New York this December, keeping warm should be at the top of your list when it comes to packing. Temperatures in December can be anywhere from the low 20s to high 40s – but if you pack well, there is no reason you’ll be caught out in the cold.


Layering is key when it comes to winter in the Big Apple. The mornings can be crisp, and afternoons mild – and you never know when you might get caught in the rain. Pack plenty of long-sleeved tees, a selection of sweaters, and a good, reliable coat to protect against the elements. As the temperature changes throughout the day, you can simply layer up or layer down without having to head back to your hotel for an outfit change. Don’t forget to pack a scarf and gloves for a particularly chilly day – those New York winds can be bitter!

 Woman takes a photo with her phone while surrounded by lit up trees, skyscrapers and other christmas decorations


Winter in New York means you might see sunshine, you might see rain, and you might even see a little snow – and with nighttime temperatures hovering around freezing, you need a solid pair of non-slip shoes. Boots are often the best choice – helping you to battle the elements without scrimping on style – but make sure they’re waterproof!

Formal Wear

Whether you’re off to the theatre, for a romantic evening meal, or a holiday event – having a statement outfit is essential for your trip. Whether it’s a trouser suit or a ballgown, there is no such thing as too much in the city, so bring your very best dress (or suit!) and get ready for a night to remember in the city that never sleeps.

Birds eye view of New York under heavy snowfall


Aside from the obvious essentials like a hat, scarf, gloves, and umbrella – there are plenty of other little things you can pack to make your trip to New York easier. Bring a large bag or backpack for your daily travels, and make sure it’s waterproof! Battery packs and charging cables are essential if you’re using your cell to navigate or take pictures in the city. If you have a camera, don’t forget spare batteries and memory cards.

Save Some Space

December in New York and holiday shopping go hand in hand – so if you’re visiting the city for a shopping spree – don’t forget to save space to bring your new goodies home again!

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