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How to Prep for the NYC Marathon

September 24 2018

Every year, over 50,000 participants run the New York City Marathon in a course that spans all five boroughs of the greatest city on earth. It’s the biggest marathon in the world and a landmark event for runners around the globe. If you’re preparing for the annual November event, here are some useful tips for marathon prep and trip planning to ensure a smooth run.

Establish a normal, generous sleeping schedule

Easier said than done. Fitness writers at Runner’s World note that it’s important that marathon runners establish a routine sleeping schedule in advance so that the body can properly process glucose, the most important form of energy. Travel often throws a wrench in sleeping routines, but don’t worry – the months leading up to a marathon are the most important. Do your best to catch some z’s and don’t stress yourself out in the days leading up to the big day.

Stick to foods that agree with your body while carb-loading

Because everyone’s different, there are various methods to loading up with carbs before a race. Whatever method you choose, it’s important to eat carbs that your stomach is familiar with so the digestion process runs smooth. Stomach issues often arise while traveling. Consider staying at Hotel Beacon in the Upper West Side, where all hotel rooms include a kitchenette. This way you can pack your favorite, carb-heavy meals to prepare in your room.

Remember the small things on race day

All runners have their preferred gear. But it’s important to remember the finer details while suiting up for a race. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, chewable antacids for stomach upset (Tums or Rolaids), vaseline for chafing, and warm-up clothes you don’t mind leaving behind.

Tune in

Because the NYC Marathon is such a popular event, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement. Don’t get distracted or pay too much attention to other runners. Tune into your body and be aware of your pace, especially with the inclines and declines.

Opt for a stress-free hotel stay

Are you in the process of selecting a hotel? Let us recommend the Hotel Beacon in the Upper West Side. Kitchenettes, comfortable sleeping quarters and on-site laundry service make it an ideal stay for runners. The Upper West Side is both easy-going and centrally located, just minutes from Lower Manhattan. Plus, you’ll be right next to Central Park and Riverside Park, two areas favored for their excellent running trails.


Perfect for families or a comfortable stay in New York City, Hotel Beacon makes guests feel at home. Rooms are equipped with kitchenettes and on-site laundry is available. See special offers to learn more.