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New York and Digital Nomads – Your Guide to Remote Working in the City   blog image

New York and Digital Nomads – Your Guide to Remote Working in the City

August 21 2023

With its iconic skyline, world-famous attractions, and diverse culture, the city that never sleeps has quickly grown to become a hotspot for digital nomads looking to experience a slice of true city life. If you’re a remote worker looking for your next unique location – there is nowhere in the world quite like New York City, so what are you waiting for?

Being a digital nomad is no easy feat, but as the world of remote working becomes increasingly accessible, the nomad lifestyle is no longer limited to select industries. In fact, since the events of 2020, more and more jobs are offering remote or hybrid positions – enabling a huge group of professionals the freedom to work from just about anywhere in the world.

And where better than New York? From tucked-away coffee shops to dedicated remote working spaces and endless parks to some of the best libraries in the world – the opportunities to “work from home” in New York City are infinite.

But where do you begin?

man works from laptop in cafe or bar

Finding Your Workspace

One of the most important parts of working remotely is ensuring you have a good, quiet, and professional working environment to be productive. While a huge attraction of the “nomad lifestyle” is the ability to work from the beach or the bar if you really want to – the reality is that the sun and sand or tempting cocktails make that impossible - and the distractions are endless.

Choosing an appropriate workspace should be at the top of your list if you want the make the nomad lifestyle work for you. For example, if your job requires you to jump on calls at the drop of a hat, you might find it easier to work from your hotel room or a dedicated remote working space – offering you privacy when needed. If you don’t, coffee shops can be the perfect place to focus for a few hours – and better still, the caffeine is free-flowing whenever you need it.

woman works from laptop in the sun

Balancing Work and Play

As the city that never sleeps, New York is the perfect place to balance work and play – no matter what your working schedule. Enjoy a productive morning at the “office” and a relaxing afternoon in one of the city’s parks or exploring the city’s endless sights. Alternatively, with (almost) 24-hour coffee shops all over the city – there is no reason why you can enjoy your days doing as you please, and dedicate your evenings to working.

Connecting with the Community

While one of the biggest positives of working remotely is the freedom it gives you, loneliness can often be a side effect of the lifestyle. Being constantly on the move often means you don’t have your friends, family, and regular support system that you’re used to at home. Feeling part of the community – even if you’re only spending a couple of weeks or months in the city, can make a huge difference to your time in the city.

That said, with over 8.5 million residents in NYC– there are plenty of places to connect with like-minded people. Remote workspaces can be a great place to meet other nomads who are solo in the city, while social media and local forums are another quick and easy way to find your type of people and become part of a bigger community.

Finding Somewhere to Stay

If you’re staying short term in the city, hotels are your friend – especially hotels offering apartment-style suites, like the Hotel Beacon, allowing you to have a real “home from home” in Manhattan, complete with a kitchen and somewhere to work from. If you’re planning an extended, long-term stay, fixed-term apartment rentals are available all over the city. If you’re not ready to live alone in a new place, many remote working spaces also offer up-scale “hostel-style” living spaces for like-minded nomads to share.

If you’re working from home in New York City and you’re looking for an apartment-style hotel suite, The Hotel Beacon is located in the heart of the action, just moments from Central Park and some of the city’s most popular attractions.