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Alfresco Yoga: NYC’s Best Outdoor Yoga Spots to Start the Day Right blog image

Alfresco Yoga: NYC’s Best Outdoor Yoga Spots to Start the Day Right

June 19 2023

Yoga is a great way to boost both your mental and physical health, and now summer is here – there’s no excuse to not enjoy yoga outside. New York City might not strike you as a place where you can connect with nature, but you can find peaceful spots all over the city to practice your daily yoga routine.

Whether you’re visiting NYC or a long-term resident, here are the best places to enjoy a little alfresco yoga in the Big Apple.

 Group yoga session in New York park with New York skyline in background

Central Park

Perhaps the most obvious choice for alfresco yoga in NYC is Central Park. The world’s most famous park offers a haven in the center of the city and plenty of private spots to start the day with an outdoor yoga session. If you’re new to yoga and would prefer to join an organized session, there are many different groups that meet throughout the week within the park.

Riverside Park

Being close to water can be very relaxing, so yoga with a view of the Hudson is a great way to start your day feeling refreshed and revitalized. Riverside Park offers fantastic views over the water and several secluded spots to lay down your yoga mat. Like Central Park, there are also organized yoga classes and guided meditation sessions you can join.

Man holds yoga pose with New York skyline in the background

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

If you’re not a big fan of crowds and prefer a more intimate setting where you’re unlikely to be interrupted by others – the Brooklyn Botanic Garden could be the perfect spot for your alfresco yoga practice. The gardens are impressive year round, however – summer is when they are most beautiful. You can enjoy your yoga session alone or join the daily early morning classes with an expert guide.

Bryant Park

If you’re looking to join a group to enjoy outdoor yoga with, one of the best options is Bryant Park. Between May and September, the park offers free yoga sessions – with expert instructors – on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Sessions last one hour, are completely free, and all you need is a mat and a bottle of water – you will need to register online beforehand, so make sure you sign up in advance!

Battery Park

Nothing is more “New York” than the Statue of Liberty, and if you’re looking for an alfresco yoga location with a view toward Lady Liberty, there is no better place than Battery Park. Offering views across the water and manicured gardens, Battery Park peaceful oasis and a great place to start your day with a yoga class.

The Hotel Beacon is located in the heart of the Upper West Side, a family-friendly neighborhood with plenty of attractions, entertainment, and parks for those perfect early morning yoga classes.