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Luna Park – A Perfect NYC Summer Day Out blog image

Luna Park – A Perfect NYC Summer Day Out

June 20 2022

Noted as NYC’s most iconic location for fun, Luna Park on Coney Island is not to be missed if you visit New York in the summertime.

Luna Park was opened in 2010 on the site of Astroland which operated from 1962 until its closure in 2008. The park was named after the original Coney Island Luna Park that operated between 1903 and 1944.

Coney Island has long been a center for amusement, opening "the first enclosed and permanent amusement park in North America” in 1885 – Sea Lion Park – which later became the original Luna Park. The island was also the birthplace of the “world’s first rollercoaster” in 1884, sparking a worldwide obsession with amusement parks and rides.

Luna Park was one of the three original amusement parks, alongside Steeplechase Park and Dreamland – which helped to build the island’s reputation as the place for fun in the city.

Drone photo of Coney Island and Luna Park, showing the various rides and attractions with skyscrapers in the background.

While the modern-day Luna Park has no connections to the original park, other than its name, there are still little influences from Coney Island’s past to be found throughout the grounds. For example, the New Thunderbolt, which opened in 2014, is a replica of the legendary original Thunderbolt that was in operation between 1925 and 1982 on the island.

The B&B Carousell – built-in 1906 – is known as Coney Island’s “last traditional carousel” featuring fifty hand-carved horses. The ride was restored in 2013 and is still a big family favorite, over 100 years later.

Two women walk arm in arm smiling with a large red, white and blue fairground attraction in the background.

Alongside the older attractions in the park, there are a range of newer rides for all the family to enjoy – from adrenaline-pumping coasters to kid-friendly Ferris Wheels. It’s easy to see why so many NY residents have frequented Coney Island over the past 150 years. Enjoy family rides, thrilling coasters, attractions, games, bars, and a variety of different food outlets – just an hour from the Upper West Side.

Getting There from The Hotel Beacon

Traveling to Coney Island from The Hotel Beacon is very easy and should take just over an hour door to door. Simply, walk down to South Ferry Station (0.2 miles from the Hotel Beacon) and take line 1, 2, or 3 to Times Square. At Times Square change to the Q line and exit at West 8 Street – New York Aquarium, then walk 0.2 miles to Luna Park.

If you’re planning your summer vacation in New York City, The Hotel Beacon is located in the heart of the Upper West Side and close to all the best attractions, museums, and theatres.