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Planning an Event in New York City? Business or Pleasure – We Know the Perfect Spot  blog image

Planning an Event in New York City? Business or Pleasure – We Know the Perfect Spot

September 11 2023

Hosting the perfect event takes good planning, the right people, and – most importantly – a great location. If you’re thinking of hosting an event this fall, the Hotel Beacon is located in the heart of the Upper East Side – and the perfect spot for all of your event needs.

Whether you’re planning a business conference, a special celebration, or something in between - the Hotel Beacon is a unique venue boasting unparalleled amenities ready to cater to all your event needs.

No Food and Beverage Minimums

One of the biggest benefits of booking your fall event at the Hotel Beacon is the flexibility we provide. We understand that every event is unique, so we don’t impose a food and beverage minimum – almost unheard of in the industry, especially in New York. This gives you the freedom to book the event you want and, most importantly, one that suits your budget.

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Catering Freedom or Recommendations

Whether you want to book your own catering or need recommendations, the team at Hotel Beacon are more than happy to help. Bring in your own catering partner or allow us to introduce you to our trusted network of culinary vendors in the city. Like location, catering is one of the most important aspects of planning an event – and we can help you make sure it’s perfect.

Access to a Fully Equipped Kitchen

Don’t want to book catering? No worries – we offer access to a fully equipped kitchen that event organizers will be given full access to. Our kitchen has plenty of space and everything you might need to cater for your event with a more “hands-on” approach.

Convenient Parking Options

Everyone knows parking in New York City can be a nightmare – but not if you book your event at the Hotel Beacon. When you book your event with us, we offer easy nearby parking both on the street and in a garage. Having ample parking in the vicinity makes it easier for your guests to get to and from the event without the worry of parking on the other side of Manhattan.

Reasonable Pricing

Events in New York can get very expensive very quickly – especially as all the components begin to add up. At the Hotel Beacon, we offer reasonable pricing to help keep your exceptional event affordable.

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Private Spaces with Exclusive Access

Whether you’re hosting a corporate event or a special celebration, we offer private access to our lounge and the Beacon Hall – meaning your guests won’t have to find their way to the event space in the hotel.

Complimentary Audio-Visual Equipment

The costs of hosting an event can quickly add up, which is why we offer complimentary use of all our AV equipment. Whether you’re looking for projectors, microphones, or a sound system – it is always included in the price of your booking.

Kosher-Friendly Amenities

Being in the heart of the Upper West Side, the Hotel Beacon is on the ball with Kosher-friendly amenities. We offer a completely separate kosher-friendly walk-in freezer, and all our facilities are Shabbos-friendly.

When it comes to planning an event in New York City, there are few places better than The Hotel Beacon. Take advantage of our flexibility, convenient amenities, and commitment to affordability – and create an event to remember.