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Chrishell Stause and the Hotel Beacon: A Short Story blog image

Chrishell Stause and the Hotel Beacon: A Short Story

October 16 2023

Thanks to the Hotel Beacon’s proximity to Broadway and several different world-renowned theatres and concert venues – celebrities are not a rare sight in the hotel. In fact, if you’re lucky, you might even meet one in our lobby or the elevator.

If you’re a fan of All My Children, Days of Our Lives, Dancing with the Stars, or Selling Sunset – you’ll know Chrishell Stause, but did you know she’s stayed in the Hotel Beacon?

Hotel room at the hotel beacon with a view of manhattan through the window. room has green walls

Who is Chrishell Stause?

Long before Chrishell’s success as an actress, she was born in Kentucky and is a self-described “southern girl” who grew up wanting nothing more than to be an actress. Like many aspiring actresses, she made the move to LA and began auditioning for different roles way back in the early 2000s.

After appearing in some of the world’s most successful soaps, she has spent the last 20 years entertaining people around the world. Now, Chrishell Stause is a household name – and not just in the USA, but across the globe.

Thanks to the success of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, Chrishell is an international favorite – particularly in Australia, since her recent marriage to Australian Drummer G-Flip, whom she recently joined on tour.

And in an unlikely turn of events, as revealed in her recent Autobiography – Under Construction – we now know Chrishell’s Road to success started right here at the Hotel Beacon…

hotel beacon in new york, red brick and concrete building, with lights in the trees in front, american flag hangs from flag pole. porter stands at hotel entrance

Chrishell and The Hotel Beacon

In 2021, Chrishell released her long-awaited autobiography, detailing the highs and lows of her life, career, and relationships. It’s here where we learned that the night before Chrishell’s audition for All My Children, she stayed in New York with us at Hotel Beacon.

When the book mentions about being flown out to New York for a screen test after her successful first audition in Los Angeles, Chrishell stated:

“I was just thrilled to have a per diem, eat my first slice of real New York pizza, and stay at the Hotel Beacon on the Upper West Side. It was by far the coolest thing that ever happened to me. Whether I got the role or not, the experience was a dream come true.”

Being described as a “dream come true” by one of Netflix’s biggest stars has definitely been a highlight for the Hotel Beacon! And while we won’t claim to have any part in the success of Chrishell’s career, we’re not going to say it had nothing to do with getting the perfect night’s sleep in one of our comfortable beds…

Need somewhere lucky to stay before your next New York audition or interview? Don’t miss the Hotel Beacon – you never know what might happen next!