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Argentina in New York City: Cuisine, Culture and Tango  blog image

Argentina in New York City: Cuisine, Culture and Tango

December 26 2018

From empanadas to tango, Argentina is part of the life blood of the big apple; one of many cultures that gives the city its unique flavor and style. Find out how to get your dose of Argentine flavor and spirit while staying with us at the Hotel Beacon.  

Food and Drink

Think chorizo sausage, succulent steaks and Argentina’s unique empanadas, filled with lots of spices and bits of hard-boiled egg. The asado is part of the country’s culinary legacy, featuring grilled meat to be eaten with an array of vegetable side dishes, fragrant chimichurri and various other sauces. Argentinian desserts include the iconic alfajor cookies filled with creamy dulce de leche. It’s a true world cuisine and foodie’s delight.

A New York City fixture since 1979, El Gauchito is the place to go for authentic, unassuming Argentinean cuisine and a cultural experience. They serve everything from provoleta to soups, homemade pasta, seafood and of course, a large range of carnivorous dishes with plenty of options for more adventurous meat-eaters as well. El Gauchito has a quicker dinette-style section as well as seating for a more relaxed meal. They also have a full Argentinian butchery and souvenir shop. 94-60 Corona Ave, Elmhurst.

Try Balvanera by acclaimed Chef Fernando Navas, a cozy spot with a great Argentinian wine selection in collaboration with Sommelier Sebastian Koncurat Urondo, happy hour menu at the bar, smaller plates served tapas-style, dishes to share with friends and family and signature  vegetable and grilled carne options. 152 Stanton St.

Head over to Williamsburg to El Almacén for light, fluffy empanadas, tender entraña and refreshing cocktails. The restaurant has plenty of atmosphere and is great for a date night or fun with larger groups. Come hungry, as portions are generous. 557 Driggs Ave.  


Tucked away in Queens is the city’s Argentine Corner or ‘Little Argentina’. Anchored by the afore-mentioned El Gauchito and with ubiquitous blue and white flags, you’ll also find Argentinian bakeries and businesses.  

The Argentine Consulate features a number of cultural events open to the public. Latest editions included a photo exhibit by Matias Roth titled ‘Limites Invisibles’, an Argentinean textile and craft exhibit, a tango jazz quartet and piano concert. Space is limited and RSVP is required. You can check the latest happenings on their official website.   

Time to Tango

Feel the spirit and rhythm of Argentina with a night out at a tango party. You can watch from the sidelines or get ready to move your body if you receive a small nod or cabaceo, inviting you out onto the floor.  

Tango La Nacional is considered the center of New York City’s tango community and is a great place to admire the footwork and sultry moves of some of the best dancers. Every Thursday you can arrive early for a beginner or intermediate class with Juan Pablo Vicente and Coco Arregui followed by the big event; an open social dance that goes on until 2:00 a.m. 239 W 14th St.

Hosted by Sarah La Rocca, the city’s largest and longest-running tango night is the NYC All Night Milonga. The event receives up to 300 people and features visiting DJs and special guest artists. Experienced dancers arrive a little later to take advantage of a less packed dance floor, but with doors closing at 4:00 a.m. there’s still plenty of time to tango. Find out about upcoming events on their Facebook page. 37 West 26th Street, 9th Floor.

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